Taho Wallet — Subscape Claim Extended (Thread)

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3 min readJan 11, 2024

You don’t want to sleep on this?

Coz per the numbers not many have been farming this GEM

With $564M raised on a $10.2 bn valuation and a confirmed TAHO

$TAHO should be no.1 on your radar

Read along for what you got to do🧵👇

This is not a drill

TAHO is confirmed and you can find the deets here



Before I tell you, how to farm this

Let me acquaint you with @taho_xyz

Meet $TAHO

- Crypto wallet crafted on Alchemy’s developer platform

- Notable competitor to MetaMask

- Raised $564M from a16z, Coinbase, and more


So what’s the strategy?

Step 1 Download the wallet extension


Save the seed phrase/import an existing wallet


Step 2 — Transact on Wallet

Making Taho your go-to wallet for a while would be ideal

Access the Swap section

Select assets to Swap

Confirm txn

PS- Try different networks (L2s + ETH) to make swaps at minimal prices


Step 3 — Quests/Tasks

Hop on to galxe.com/taho

Complete tasks, acquire Galaxe OATS

Tasks are simple like attending community calls

Check out @guildxyz for additional tasks (roles)

and keep a look out in their Discord for new quests



Step 4 — Sign Community Pledge



Step 5 — Waitlist

Go to: http://tahobeta.deform.cc/openbeta

Enter email address



If you participated in the Subscape Beta

Claim your XP

The XP claim deadline has been extended until January 15

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