STORMGAIN — Crypto Mining on Phone

Everyone likes free money. For all those who have landed themselves on Crypto faucets would know how small the payouts are and sometimes it’s just not worth your time. But if you are good clicking a button every few hours to make some crypto, there is perhaps an option which offers better payouts than some of the regular faucets. And, it has an app which looks good without the cluttered advertisements all over the place.

StormGain has gained immense recognition as a cryptocurrency exchange since its inception in 2019. For Brave users, StormGain is already a known platform due to its aggressive advertising and rightly so. Mining space is full of scams and it’s incredibly hard to land on a legit cloud mining space and for starters, I haven’t been able to find one. So what makes StormGain unique? Its cloud miner tool.

This tool gives users an opportunity to mine from their smartphone or any other device that has access to its app/portal without any investment and equipment.

How is that? The Cloud Miner Tool is hosted on remote cloud servers making it fast and doesn’t drain the battery of your device.

Moreover, it is free. Let me take you through the process-

Step 1 : Register for an account on StormGain

Step 2 : Open the tool and commence mining (every 4 hours) until you get rewarded for the same (10 USDT worth of crypto)

Step 3 : Repeat step 2 in order to enhance your mining speed by trading or exchanging crypto on the platform.

Besides the miner, trading is super easy and convenient. You pay commission only when you earn. It offers crypto trading with 300x leverage. And I like it for that. Maybe you will too.

If you decide to give it a try, feel free to use my referral link to add 3 USDT to your account.

Big Plan

Keep mining till you make 10 USDT or more and then use that for trading. If you good at trading, you might start making money with no investment. Though it’s easier said than done.

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