Binance Dual Investment — Explained

Crypto world is a highly volatile and fast-evolving space. The price swings range from a few to multiple percentage points. Keeping in mind the volatility and major price swings, Binance has come up with a rather interesting investment product called Binance Dual Investment.

As per Binance, you bet on the direction of the market, commit your crypto, and lock in a yield. Regardless of your position, you’ll earn an enhanced yield based on two assets. There are two types of Dual Investment products: “Up-and-Exercised” and “Down-and-Exercised”.

1. For Up-and-Exercised products

  • If the Settlement Price is above (up) the Strike Price, the product is “exercised”

2. For Down-and-Exercised products

  • If the Settlement Price is below (down) the Strike Price, the product is “exercised”.

Click on the link to explore the dual investment product

Watch the video for a better understanding of the product.

Please DYOR. This is not trading advice.

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