Berachain Testnet — HONEY are you ready?

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3 min readFeb 5, 2024

HONEY, are you ready to embark on a bear-y special journey?

Journey: $BERA testnet
Destination: Who knows!

Follow our quick guide to become eligible 👇🧵


Let’s begin with the basics

What is Berachain

DeFi-centric L1 blockchain

Part of the Cosmos ecosystem

Features the innovative Proof-of-Liquidity consensus

Backed by a roaring $42M (from @Polychain, @hack_vc,

@shimacapital and more) with a valuation of $420.7M! 🐻💰



3 native tokens in the ecosystem

- BERA for gas

- BGT ecosystem governance

- HONEY native stablecoin


Now let’s get to the real stuff

What can one do for the aidrop?


- Interaction with Testnet

- Galxe quest

- Running a node

- Contract Deployment

1st & 2nd are simple

3rd & 4th are optional but they’re key in securing the DROP

In this 🧵, we shall focus on the 4th


But before we begin testing out the faucet and other dApps

Step 1 — Add Network Manually


Network Name Berachain-Artio


Chain ID 80085

Currency Symbol BERA

Block explorer URL


Step 2 — Claim Test tokens

Head to

Enter wallet address

Request test $BERA tokens


Step 3 — Swap and provide liquidity on BEX

Head to

Connect wallet

Swap test $BERA for $STGUSD/other tokens

Head to “Pools”

Choose a pair and add liquidity


Locked funds in pool earn $BGT tokens

You can claim these tokens from the Rewards section on BEX

Use the claimed $BGT and delegate it your preferred validator


Step 4 — Mint $HONEY

Head to

Connect wallet

Use $STGUSDC to mint $HONEY

Click on Approve and Mint


Step 5 — Trade on BERPS

Head to

Make trades

Open long/short position

* A min of 10 HONEY is required to open position


Step 6 — Supply/Borrow Assets on BEND

Head to

Connect wallet

Deposit asset $BTC into the pool

• Borrow $HONEY


Step 7 — Galxe quests

Campaign 1

Daily task

Campaign 2

Complete the tasks to accumulate points


Let’s now move on to the ultimate activity

Step 8 — Deploy Smart Contract

Head to

Connect Wallet

Click on Ready to Deploy

Opt for Token under Explore

Click on Deploy Now


Fill in the required parameters (Name, Symbol, Description, and Image)

Add your wallet in the Primary sale recipient

Ensure Network is ArtioBerachain

Click on Deploy

Confirm the txn


On to the final bit

Click on Token and then Mint

Enter the no of tokens you wish to mint

Click Mint

and you’re DONE!


If you’re interested in running a node, I recommend going through the linked tweet

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Freethinkers, Writers, Blockchain explorers in pursuit of simplifying the different blocks of the chain metaverse.